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“Every day, to earn my bread, I travel to the marketplace
of lies and stand in line, hopeful, with the other sellers.”
– Bertolt Brecht

Hello. I am Trevor Kupfer. I’m an award-winning sand sculptor, two-time spelling bee bronze medalist, and complimented hummus-maker. Also, I wrote the stuff on this website. Here’s my résumé.

I grew up in Grafton, WI (just north of Milwaukee) and spent much of my childhood reenacting scenes from Ghostbusters, The Princess Bride, and Big Trouble in Little China. I’ve always been obsessed with films and storytelling, and my degrees in college (journalism and film studies) would eventually reflect that obsession. Ever since I first donned a Proton Pack and practiced The Crane Kick, I’ve been building toward a career of writing about film for a living.


I’ve worked with Staffing Talk (2012-2013), Volume One Magazine (2006-2012), Capital Newspapers (2007-2008), and Channel Guide Magazine (2006), not to mention various freelancing gigs and student publication work. I’ve had varied stints of writing about the arts and pop culture at each, but this site is the first reflection of my true passion for filmmaking.

I hope you like Feeling Like a Kid Again. At least one critic called this project “a must-have collection for any coffee table, bookshelf, night stand, mantle, or cummerbund.” I lost the link where that was published … and their name … but that doesn’t mean it’s not for reals. That’s just the kind of thing hep cats are saying out there. On the streets. About Trevor Kupfer. Here’s his résumé again.

I now reside in Minneapolis, MN, and I’m in the planning process of another film project, this time focused on movies that are so bad they’re good. Stay tuned.

I also want to give credit to the others who helped this project. The amazing Erik Christenson provided the awesome illustration work. The ahead-of-his-time Mike Paulus provided some sleek web design. And close personal friends of mine such as the rambunctious Kinzy Janssen, dimple-chinned Nick Arnold, and sexy-husbanded Ashley Dziuk (my wife) provided the constructive criticism and editing that helped this take shape.

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