Best of the Best: Introduction

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“I believe that, if anything, children deserve better
entertainment than adults. They’re instinctively
smart until a diet of wretched movies
(like The Clone Wars) pounds them down.
I would infinitely prefer a child see something
like Finding Nemo or The Thief of Bagdad.”
– Roger Ebert

When I was a kid, Friday nights were holidays. For one, it meant the school week was over, and my brother and I had two days of video games, cartoons, and troublemaking to look forward to. For another, it meant boy’s night. That weekly anticipated occasion when our mom joined the gals for bowling night and dad stayed home to look after us kids. And we knew what that meant …

It meant tons of junk food, a dark living room, and movies. A lot of the time we watched action or horror flicks (and I thank Cthulu that I grew up in a good decade for them). But on one very specific night – and one we all remember quite vividly – we rented The Princess Bride. I can’t say how the movie experience went, because I don’t remember that part. But what I do remember makes me assume the movie blew our minds.

It was late at night, by this time, because we had finished the movies for the night. But my dad threw us in the car anyway, and we raced to Ben Franklin (a general store torn down long ago in my hometown). When we excitedly got back home, we unveiled the trip’s payoff: three glow-in-the-dark swords. In a seething display of testosterone, the two of us kids ganged up on our dad (on his knees, to be fair), thwapping any exposed part of his body with the thick plastic blades, incessantly repeating the line: “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die.”

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