Christmas Treats: Other Recommended Titles

Posted by on Jan 1, 2012 in Christmas Treats (Other Than Your Aunt Mildred's Gingersnaps) | 0 comments


Arthur Christmas (2011): Another movie that uses its own rubric for explaining how Santa gets it done, and has the exact same “what’s really important” message, but the way in which it does it is too fun to ignore. Multiple generations of Santa clash (because the methods they employ to deliver presents vary wildly) and lose focus of the meaning of Christmas. The breakneck pace and nods to action filmography require slightly older viewership, but everyone will agree that Grandsanta steals the show in this Aardman flick.

Christmas Vacation (1989): The best of the Vacation sequels (European and Vegas are painful), this one once again follows the adult-oriented misadventures of the Griswold family, this time surrounding a holiday with extended family. Its cult following is fast approaching that of The Christmas Story, but it’ll grate on you after about the 20th consecutive year of watching it.

The Polar Express (2004): Sure it’s got snazzy animation sculpted from live actors with digital sensors, but this story of a child’s train ride to the North Pole based on a short children’s book doesn’t have enough content to reasonably fill the running time.

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