Comics & Superheroes: Other Recommended Titles

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Bolt (2008): A dog that plays a superhero on TV goes on an Incredible Journey-style adventure full of self-reflexive wit. Chalk it up to the newly appointed chief creative officer at Disney: Pixar’s John Lasseter.

Despicable Me (2010): Nothing about the plot is original (it’s basically Annie with a supervillain), but it’s in the particulars that it succeeds. Witty comedy, great kid characters, and Twinkie-resembling minions.

Flash Gordon (1936 and 1980): The original serial is a shade less cheesy than the rock opera with Queen, but that’s only because it doesn’t try to be over-the-top and hilarious. “Flash! Ah-ah!”

Hellboy (2004): He’s lewd, crude, crass, a smoker, and from hell, but this movie’s a ton of fun and only a little scary and adult-oriented.

Iron Man (2008): Given the fact that this Marvel superhero is a C-lister (at best) and Jon Favreau was given the directorial helm, no one expected anything from a screen adaptation. But Robert Downey Jr. embodies the role perfectly and helped make this first installment (not so much the lackluster sequels) a surprise success.

The Mask (1994): This comic book romp has an absolutely ludicrous plot that transforms Jim Carrey into a manic cartoon-type hero. Also Cameron Diaz’s first role.

Masters of the Universe (1987): Right around the time she appeared alongside Bruce Springsteen, Courtney Cox shamelessly appeared with Dolph Lundgren in this flick that could have been called He-Man Versus Skeletor: Destination Earth. Awesomely bad.

Metropolis (1927): While it’s not a superhero flick, without this futuristic Fritz Lang film many comic book flicks (especially Batman) would look and feel entirely different.

The Rocketeer (1991): RocketeerMost critics bashed this live action Disney flick for its paper doll star, but this period piece about aviation is a pleasure to look at. Jennifer Connelly’s not too shabby, either.

Sky High (2005): Just days away from superhero school, the offspring of the two greatest superheroes has yet to acquire superpowers and may be on the track of sidekickdom. While it’s not quite The Incredibles, this flick has fun with superhero clichés and making analogies to puberty and high school cliques.

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