Let’s Get Ready to Rumble: Other Recommended Titles

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Raising Arizona (1987): The Coen Brothers’ hysterically funny second feature follows the unstable marriage of a convenience store thief (Nicolas Cage) and police officer (Holly Hunter) that turns cartoonishly violent with the theft of a quintuplet, escape of two inmates, and introduction of a bounty hunter with nifty pyrotechnics.

Rocky I, II, III, and IV (1975-1985): Kids will find much of the first two films boring, but the third and fourth installments have enough fighting to keep them on their toes. Please don’t see five or six.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1992): If you’re one of those parents who doesn’t mind screening movies with excessive violence and occasional swearing, this is the ultimate action flick for a pre-teen, with Arnold Schwarzenegger protecting a riley boy from a shape-shifting villain. (Knowledge of the original not required.)

Treasure Island (1950): This was Disney’s first “stab” at live action and Robert Newton’s portrayal of Long John Silver is reason enough to watch it.

Young Sherlock Holmes (1985): This youth adventure set in London is only part Doyle (actually none of it was written by him), with the remaining parts owing more to Indiana Jones and Harry Potter. Good show ole’ chap!

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