My Childhood: Introduction

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“Go play outside.”
– My parents … always

Everyone has a special list of films that, for some reason or another, made a distinct impression on them as a child. For instance, I vividly remember my siblings and I crying because our tape of Drop Dead Fred had worn through (luckily the next generations won’t have to worry about that). I remember feeling cheated because, had I known this could happen, I would have carefully reserved screenings of the instant classic for when we really needed it (this also happened later with The Goonies). It’s refreshing to recollect my reasoning and priorities as a child.

As for my special list, I had several, and I imagine I’m not alone, but some of them dropped off over the years as I began to forget why I liked them in the first place. As I grew older, the message (if there even was one) was lost or I just wasn’t entertained. So I must admit, my favorite part about compiling this book was this very chapter. I forced myself to return to the films I found entertaining as a child. The result was bipolar, as I should have expected.

Some of them were downright terrible, and I’m embarrassed to say I once enjoyed them (the Ernest movies, for instance). But it was reassuring that the vast majority were sheer genius, and while I merely liked them as a kid for escapism, many had additional depth and adult-oriented jokes that went waaaay over my head at the time. I highly recommend this process – especially for movies that are really obscure.

Anyway, here’s my list; and if you, too, grew up in the 80s, chances are you also enjoyed these once.

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