One-Man Show: Other Recommended Titles

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Clifford (1994): Not a good movie by any means, but Martin Short’s diabolical role as the dinosaur-obsessed title character is priceless.

Father Goose (1964): Cary Grant is hysterical, as usual, playing an alcoholic charged with spotting enemy aircraft on a deserted island during World War II. But the cost of living goes up another quart when he’s forced to care for a group of girls also stranded there.

Kindergarten Cop (1990): “It’s not a tumor!” Arnold Schwarzenegger humorously plays an undercover cop and elementary school teacher in this Ivan Reitman comedy.

Nanny McPhee (2005): Emma Thompson brings the famous British book series to life, both as star and writer, with a pizzazz comparable only to Julie Andrews’ turn as Mary Poppins. The 2010 sequel is missable.

Road to Morocco (1942): The most loved of the Crosby & Hope “road” comedies, this one has all the fast-talking sarcasm, sing-a-longs, subgenre parody (Arabian Nights), and Dorothy Lamour they’re known for. (Good for kids, better for adults.)

Sons of the Desert (1933): The best of the argumentative slapstick duo Laurel and Hardy, a pair of optimistic idiots best loved by adults, but decent enough for kids (like Crosby & Hope).

The Trouble with Harry (1955): CliffordAlfred Hitchcock’s only comedy – though his strange sense of humor once labeled Psycho as such – follows the people in a small town who are forced to deal with a corpse that just won’t sit still.

What About Bob? (1991): Kids are naturally scared of several things – heights, snakes, the opposite sex, etc. – but this comedic turn by Bill Murray (as a hypochondriac literally afraid of everything) makes them all seem petty and ridiculous. The Tourettes scenes have some mild language.

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