Out of This World: Other Recommended Titles

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Explorers (1985): If this coming-of-age movie would have done away with the mind-numbingly stupid alien stuff, it would have been a thoroughly enjoyable return to 50s sci-fi with rising child stars Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix.

The Fifth Element (1997): This phenomenal space adventure from Luc Besson has great gun-toting action from Bruce Willis and Gary Oldman for the boys, and a great performance by Milla Jovovich as a supreme being for the gals.

The Last Mimzy (2006): Based on a short story by Lewis Padgett with inspiration from Lewis Carrol and the stoner ethos (Roger Waters even contributes a song), this film portrays two regular kids that turn superhuman thanks to some extraterrestrial toys.

Mars Attacks! (1996): Tim Burton’s tribute to 50s sci-fi, based on the trading cards series, stars hilarious little Martians that set fire to animals and wreak havoc on Earth. “Do not run. We are your friends.”

Peter Pan (1953): Disney’s version of J.M. Barrie’s play is light and a bit racist, but some find it enjoyable and fun nonetheless.

Super 8 (2011): JJ Abrams’ homage to Spielberg and 60s sci-fi disaster movies is a scary edge-of-your-seat thriller for kids that will strike a chord with those dealing with a dead or uncaring parent, and (hopefully) pique their interest in filmmaking.

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