Song & Dance: Introduction

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“Off to the movies we shall go,
where we learn everything that we know,
’cause the movies teach us
what our parents don’t have time to say.”
South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut

I have my parents to thank for my eclectic taste in movies. If you’re thinking it’s because they themselves must have diverse tastes and that must have rubbed off on me, you couldn’t be further from the truth.

You can always count on my dad to be watching spy movies and Bond marathons, outdoor adventure programs like River Monsters, classic shoot-em-ups, and the occasional western or sports flick. So essentially, he’s the market research definition of the “man aged 35-54” demographic. When you look at my mother’s viewing habits, meanwhile, you see things like song-and-dance reality shows, rom-coms (that’s romantic comedies for those of you hep to the parlance), tear-jerkers, and classic musicals. The market researchers would have her down as the “woman aged 18-54” demographic.

I’m not pointing these things out to illustrate how cliché manly/feminine their entertainment choices are; I’ve done so to show the stark contrast between their tastes. Other than oldies with Hitchcock, Cary Grant, Bogie, Jimmy Stewart, and Hepburn, their tastes don’t overlap much. And when their individual powers tastes combine, it created Captain Planet me.

When I was a kid, my mom often worked nights while my dad did the ole’ 9-to-5. In the rare instances when we watched something as a family, it typically had a little bit of what everyone liked (e.g. Indiana Jones had kid-friendly adventure for us, action for dad, and dreamy Harrison Ford for mom). But the more likely scenario is that our viewing habits typically depended on which parent we were with.

When we were with dad, we probably saw more death and destruction and heard more expletives in our first 10 years of life than any other child in the state. When we were with mom, we probably saw more pirouettes and heard more melisma than any other child in the state. Now, thanks to the disagreeing tastes of my parents, I gladly enjoy all kinds of movies. Which market researchers might call the “man or woman aged 18-54” demographic.

So enjoy this section as me and my doting mum have.

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